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Announcement: The Cry of a Stone, a rare 1600's treatise by Pilgrim Robert Cushman has been published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants and is now available for purchase. 

GSMD is pleased to announce the publication of Pilgrim Robert Cushman’s book The Cry of a Stone. First published in London in 1642, and long out of print, Cushman’s work was recently rediscovered and has been rescued by editor Michael Paulick, who notes that this work is “the only known book written by a Pilgrim in 1619, close to the time of the Mayflower sailing.” This remarkable treatise provides an indispensable view of the attitudes and practices of the Pilgrim congregation in Leiden.

For the first time Pilgrim enthusiasts may read Cushman’s published original text together with a modern transcription, supplemented by annotations provided by noted Pilgrim scholar James W. Baker. The Cry of a Stone is a must read for all those interested in Mayflower Pilgrim history.

GSMD welcomed The Cry of a Stone with a formal book launch at the Mayflower Society house on April 17, 2016. Above, Governor General Lea Filson poses with her signed copy of The Cry of a Stone, Pilgrim scholar James W. Baker on her left and Executive Director Dr. Walter Powell on her right. For more images of the event, click here to redirect to our Facebook page. 

Click here to read the full press release for The Cry of a Stone.

Non-members can purchase a copy of The Cry of a Stone here.

Members with GSMD# can purchase a copy of The Cry of a Stone here.


(Founded 1897)

Anyone who arrived in Plymouth as a passenger on the Mayflower is considered a Pilgrim, with no distinction being made on the basis of their original purposes for making the voyage. Proven lineage from a passenger, approved by a Historian General, qualifies one to be a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants.

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More than one hundred years ago, a group of descendants of the Pilgrims who sailed on the Mayflower in 1620, saw the need for a national society to honor their memory. The intention was to remember these Pilgrims who established Plymouth Colony.

Today there are tens-of-millions of individuals descended from these brave souls. It is the goal of The Mayflower Society to join together people who share this heritage and to carry on the memory of our Pilgrim ancestors.

The Pilgrims

The group of 102 passengers who crowded aboard Mayflower for the crossing was not homogenous. Many of the passengers were members of the Leiden congregation, but they were joined by a number of English families or individuals who were hoping to better their life situations, or were seeking financial gain. These two general groups have sometimes been referred to as the "saints" and "strangers".

Although the Leiden congregation had sent its strongest members with various skills for establishing the new colony, nearly half of the passengers died the first winter of the "great sickness."

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