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MAYFLOWER TREE OF LIFE made exclusively at Pairpoint Glass Company in Massachusetts for GSMD.

The Tree of Life represents the journey each of us are on during our this earthly time.

The foliage, full of healing heart colors, are the experiences we collect through people, places, situations, objects, and circumstance.

The trunk of the tree is the place of wisdom and understanding, especially the process – that we are all here to play our role – and we all do so perfectly.

The roots stand for serenity – that unconditional peace and love in the heart that manifests after experience and understanding have occurred.

"No matter where you are in your journey, your Tree of Life will assist with the energy of Love, Strength, and the Oneness of Nature." – N. Gratta

Both sculptural and ornamental, our GSMD-exclusive Tree of Life comes in Mayflower white and pink with a green trunk. Measures 5 inches in diameter.  Glass stand included.

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