Pirates Ashore

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In 1646, three mysterious shiploads of English privateers sailed into Plymouth harbor flush with Spanish gold and rich cargoes they had seized in the Caribbean…

Join us on Saturday, May 18th as we relive the tumult!

Pirates Ashore in Plymouth is an annual all-day reenactment of the little-known visit of three pirate ships to Plymouth Colony in May 1646 as described in Governor William Bradford’s Of Plimoth Plantation. Visitors of all ages are invited to the Mayflower Society House for pirate and pilgrim fun! 

The “pirates” were English privateers, just back from capturing a number of Spanish ships in the Caribbean, flush with cargo and cash. Led by Captain Thomas Cromwell, the men were welcomed on shore and spent a month disrupting the quiet Pilgrim town eating, drinking, and paying generously with their stolen gold. There was great mayhem, including one rowdy sailor who died in a swordfight with the Pirate Captain… leading to a trial for murder!

Protecting Plimoth Colony and leading the military tribunal of the Pirate Captain will be our local New Plimmoth Gard and causing trouble as the English privateers will be maritime reenactor groups The Crew of the Raven and the Free Men of the Sea. Along with learning a bit about our local history, visitors are invited to explore the pirate encampment, learn how to use a cannon, and experience the Gard’s musket and pike drills! 

Full Schedule for Pirates Ashore 2019 coming soon!  

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