Promotion of Member Society projects

The General Society encourages each of our Member Societies to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Pilgrims on the shores of the New World. 

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The voyage of the Mayflower changed the world in ways that deserve attention today. When the Pilgrims established the first colony in New England they made a statement in the Compact, asserting their right to self-government and defining their civic responsibilities. Furthermore, they specifically included in their government those members of their company who had religious beliefs different from those of the Separatists. These concepts have evolved into important foundations of governance throughout the modern world. We hope that all of our Societies will do something to remind their local communities of the importance of the Pilgrim experience in our lives today.

Our 41st Congress in 2017 and the GBOA Meeting 2018 both gave Member Societies the opportunity to share ideas. 

Click through the different Member Societies below to take a look at current projects underway for 2020 that you can help support or participate in. 

If your Member Society has a project to promote, let us know at

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