GSMD Coronavirus Update

GSMD and the Coronavirus Pandemic

GSMD has received questions about whether our plans for Congress in September 2020 have been changed because of concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. As you know, this pandemic is caused by a novel coronavirus, and experts are learning more about the virus and human infections with each passing day. We do know that older persons, especially those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions, are more vulnerable to serious illness, and that is very relevant to our Society.

Many epidemics caused by similar viruses become less active during the summer months when our Congress is scheduled. Unfortunately, right now no one knows exactly what to expect from this particular virus. Up-to-date information from the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) is available at

It would be premature to change our plans for the GSMD Congress at this early time, with all of the uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve. The situation should be much clearer by the end of June, and we will wait until then to decide if any changes will be necessary. In the meantime, both of us will monitor the CDC recommendations and recommend appropriate actions for GSMD if necessary.

Member Societies have more urgent questions regarding their meetings planned for this spring and early summer. The situation is different in each geographical area, and some states have declared emergencies. We recommend that your Society follow the CDC guidelines and the recommendations of your local authorities.


George Garmany, MD, Governor General

Naomi Mann, MD, Surgeon General

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