A note about the Mayflower Lineage Match fee increase:

 Due to the increasing number of review requests, we have had to add additional hours and staff to determine lineage in preliminary reviews, raising the price to $45. 

 The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) lineage match service includes information that can only be obtained from The Mayflower Society. Our search compares your line to the GSMD database from over 90,000 accepted members since 1897. This information is available only to the GSMD national office and not to professional researchers. It is important for potential new members, as well as members who wish to confirm additional lines, because each review is processed against GSMD lines that may have been closed due to corrected proven research or to new lines that have opened due to new documentation and research.

For this service, you receive:

- Over one hundred years of research from GSMD proven applications, rejected applications, and GSMD Silver Books

- Confirmation that Mayflower lines in the GSMD database either match or do not match your line

- Information on how much of your line is confirmed and how much of it, if any, is documented in the GSMD lineage database

- What additional information is needed to apply to become a member of The Mayflower Society

If your submitted lineage to the Mayflower Lineage Match corresponds to an approved Mayflower line, we hope you will join The Mayflower Society. It will offer valuable information to future generations of your family and offer them official proof of Mayflower ancestry. This information will be maintained in the GSMD vault in perpetuity, along with any new information from updated research found about your family line. To join, contact a Member Society.

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