Formerly known as the Preliminary Review Form, GSMD announces Mayflower Lineage Match

2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage to America and today there are over 30 million descendants worldwide who can trace lineage from the Mayflower Pilgrims. The Mayflower Society helps descendants prove ancestry through its Mayflower Lineage Match service.

GSMD’s Mayflower Lineage Match is an aid to begin the process of joining the society. It allows a quick validation that there is a possible match based on its database of over 90,000 accepted members’ documentation, collected since 1897.

“The approaching 400th Anniversary in 2020 is of national and international significance, increasing the visibility and interest in the story that significantly shaped the building of America,” said George Garmany, GSMD Governor General. “By checking family lines through the Mayflower Lineage Match, we hope those who find the matches will then join The Mayflower Society to preserve their ancestral information for future generations.”

By 2020, professional and family genealogists will be able to check Mayflower descent lines through partnerships with American Ancestors and Family Search, but those lines are updated only every five years. The GSMD Mayflower Lineage Match checks against the latest information and documentation approved by the society. Additionally, those who join The Mayflower Society are confident knowing their lineage and documentation is stored in the society vaults in perpetuity for future generations to find.

The Mayflower Society provides authenticated Mayflower Pilgrim genealogies. Each review is processed by a GSMD verifying genealogist against the most recent research that often includes lines that may have been closed due to corrected proven research or to new lines that have opened due to ongoing research and new documentation. The first society to accept DNA as secondary documentation, GSMD employs a geneticist that makes recommendations as to the legitimacy of DNA matches to Mayflower descendance.

Cost of the Mayflower Lineage Match is $45 and includes verification that the submitted line either matches or does not match a proven Mayflower line. A response also supplies information on how much of the submitted line is confirmed and what is needed to continue the search for a Mayflower ancestor. If the submitted lineage to the Mayflower Lineage Match corresponds to an approved Mayflower line, potential members are encouraged to contact one of GSMD’s 53 Member Societies to apply for membership so that family records can be permanently preserved.

“Pride and honor are what drive a lineage organization.,” GSMD Executive Director Susan Belekewicz says, “As more and more people are discovering that they could potentially be a part of the current generation to carry on this 400-year-old legacy, our membership numbers have grown.”

Mayflower Lineage Match connects the dots for those excited to commemorate and support the legacy of freedom, faith, and personal liberty that started in 1620 with the Mayflower Pilgrims. To learn more about joining the Mayflower Society or to submit your ancestry to our Mayflower Lineage Match, check out our Join page!

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