Governor General's 1620 Club Tour and Banquet

Made up of the Society’s most passionate supporters, the Governor General’s 1620 Club has given the Mayflower Society opportunity to fund unbudgeted items of need during a given year. Thanks to the 2017-2018 1620 Club Members, GSMD was able to successfully remove the historic balustrade on our headquarters, the 18th century Mayflower Society House, in Plymouth. Without this timely action, future New England snow storms would have destroyed the roof and significantly damaged our beloved house.  

Donor Recognition: Giving Thanks to the 1620 Club

1620 Club Members recently gathered at the close of the General Board of Assistants Meeting 2018 in St. Charles, Illinois for a Donor Thank You Tour and Banquet. The development staff of the Mayflower Society took advantage of the location and coordinated a riveting tour with the Chicago Architecture Center. This expedition explored the compelling true story told by Erik Larson in his best-selling book, "The Devil in the White City," about two simultaneous events in Chicago history: the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 and the emergence of serial murderer Dr. Henry H. Holmes.

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The fourth Annual 1620 Club Banquet featured the presentation The Mayflower Compact – America’s First Constitution by historian David A. Furlow. Furlow is the Executive Editor of the Journal of the Texas Supreme Court Historical Society and an expert on Mayflower passenger Isaac Allerton. The evening also included a presentation of GSMD’s Pilgrim Academic Research Award to Susan E. Roser, Assistant Governor General and Mayflower Quarterly Magazine Editor and Mayflower Journal Interim Editor. 

Read more about the 2018 PARC recipient Susan E. Roser.

View photos from the 1620 Club’s “Devil in the White City” tour and Banquet.

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