Pilgrim Academic Research Award 2018: Susan E. Roser

The General Society is excited to announce the fourth annual Pilgrim Academic Research Award recipient, dedicated Mayflower author and researcher Susan E. Roser. The award was presented to Susan during the 1620 Club Banquet in September 2018. 

PARCSRA member of the Canadian Society since 1981, Susan has served the Society as Governor, Deputy Governor, Historian, Editor and as the developer of the Society’s first website in the 1990’s. She has served the General Society as Deputy Governor General (2000-) and Assistant General; Secretary General for two terms (2011-2017) and is currently Assistant Governor General (2017-2020).

Between 1989 and 1995, Susan had five Mayflower genealogical reference books published by the Genealogical Publishing Company, viz:  Mayflower Increasings, Mayflower Marriages, Mayflower Births and Deaths (2 vols),  and Mayflower Deeds and Probates. For the past 20 years she has been working on a ten volume series of books, Friends of the Pilgrims, documenting the first four generations of men who came to Plymouth after the Mayflower, many of whom married into Mayflower families; three volumes have been published so far. In 2011 she published Mayflower Passenger References, sourced entirely by contemporary records and scholarly journals.

In 2004, Susan compiled a Mayflower  research course offered by the University of Toronto’s Genealogical Institute of Online Studies. Her companion volume, How to Research Your Mayflower Ancestry, was published by Heritage Publications.

In 2005, she compiled the Canadian Mayflower Society’s 25th Anniversary History, to commemorate this occasion.

She has had various Mayflower genealogical articles appear in the journals of The American Genealogist, The Mayflower Descendant and The Mayflower Quarterly. 

In 2014, she was the recipient of the Governor General’s Distinguished Service Award, awarded to one person each year who has given outstanding service to the General Society.

In 2016, Susan was appointed the editor of the Mayflower Quarterly Magazine as well as a member of the Editorial Committee of the Mayflower Journal.

In 2017, Susan was named the new researcher, to update and carry further to the 7th generation, the Stephen Hopkins Silver Book.

The Mayflower Society is pleased to present this prestigious award to Assistant Governor General, Susan E. Roser. Click through the links below to check out her work. 

Friends of the Pilgrims

Mayflower Passenger References

Books for sale on Amazon


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