National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse Updates

The following report was submitted by Former Governor General and President of the National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse Charitable Trust Lea Sinclair Filson at the General Board of Assistants Meeting in September, 2018.
"The National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse Charitable Trust held its first official meeting on Friday, June 22, 2018. As is the norm, it has begun operating while awaiting final application approval from the state of Massachusetts. IRS papers have been filed. The deed has been registered in Plymouth and passed to the Trust from First Parish Church making it the legal owner of the Meetinghouse. 

20180915 123147We have applied for a 2.6 million dollar grant from the town of Plymouth’s Community Preservation Act funds and if that is granted, the proposed timeline is to complete the outside repairs by the end of 2019. Additional donations will cover interior repairs and program needs by the end of 2021. Once work is complete, further monies raised will go into a permanent endowment for the Meetinghouse.

A logo has been chosen and was placed on refrigerator magnets for Town Meeting representatives who attended our informational meeting at the Mayflower Society House on August 9th. That is the group that will vote on the CPC grant. The August 9 meeting was well-attended and one additional information meeting will be held in the Meetinghouse itself before the October 20 vote is taken.

Meetinghouse donor pins have been produced and Meetinghouse jewelry is available at the GSMD webshop for purchase. We thank Deb Yingst for her efforts on this.

The missing stained-glass windows that were repaired by an earlier CPC grant for $300,000 have been delivered back to the Meetinghouse for display purposes (left) and for use as we fundraise, and a plan is being set in place to open the Meetinghouse for scheduled tours.
Firms with expertise in historic structures are being researched for restoring the interior and for creating the programmatic events throughout the Meetinghouse, but none of this will begin until the repairs are complete on the exterior of the Meetinghouse and the windows reinstalled.
For the next four years, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, the annual Plymouth Thanksgiving Day parade will feature a Mayflower Society House replica float. The Plymouth Thanksgiving parade operators will allow 15 descendants to ride and a minimum of a dozen descendants to walk behind it. After the $5,000 fee is paid, all remaining money collected will be donated to the Meetinghouse restoration fund. For 2022, we will explore creating a new float with a replica of the Meetinghouse.

As of August 31, 2018, we have raised a total of $183,865, with $48,302 remaining in outstanding Member Society pledges. Member Societies have given $103,698, individuals have given $74,967 and Family Societies have given $5,200. We are hopeful the October 20 town meeting vote from the Plymouth Community Preservation grant will add $2.6 million. With that, our fundraising total will be $2,832,167. That leaves $167,833 needed to meet our goal of $3,000,000 by September of 2020, and it is only 2018.We have worked diligently since 2015 to get ready for the CPC vote, so please pray on October 20 for a vote in the affirmative.

Members of the Trust would like to thank Member Societies, individual members, and Family Societies for their generosity and enthusiasm about the Meetinghouse efforts. Thanks also go to the GSMD Development team including Kathy Liolios, Christopher Lee, Tina Scott, and Executive Director Susan Belekewicz."

For more information on the National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse and how you can contribute to one of the Society's greatest legacies, please contact
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