Meetinghouse Fundraising update as of November 2018

A huge thanks to the South Carolina, Illinois, New Jersey, and Delaware Member Societies. Within twelve hours of the urgent plea for additional donations to the Meetinghouse, these generous Member Societies rose to the challenge, sending between them $53,000.00!

There will be other generous donations added to the list in the coming days. The prospect of creating an education center in the Meetinghouse has energized our Society in a way that will make our 2020 Congress more meaningful than ever. Imagine holding our opening ceremonies in the Meetinghouse that was built as a memorial to our Pilgrim ancestors, knowing we will preserve it forever! 

As of November 20, 2018, our accounting is as follows:

$3,000,000 – Amount GSMD agreed to raise before accepting donation of the building

$2,618,000 – Community Preservation Act grant from town of Plymouth

$223,404 – GSMD Member Society and Individual member donations

$75,000 – Family foundation donations

$53,000 – Additional money from South Carolina, Illinois, New Jersey, and Delaware

Total - $30,596 remaining in outstanding pledges

This is the largest project GSMD has taken on in its history, but it is a legacy we will pass down to our future descendants. By assuming the responsibility of keeping this historic treasure available to future generations, we can be assured we are educating the public about the Mayflower story and its importance to western civilization. 

We are now at less than $31,000 in outstanding Member Society pledges, toward collecting the entire $3,000,000. There is no doubt that number will be met before the end of the year. Once we are sole owners of the Meetinghouse, work will begin on the exterior and we will face the journey of restoring and preserving this American Iconic structure.

After the initial stone facade restiratuib, we estimate spending $8 to $10 million on the interior as well as opening programming and operation of the Meetinghouse. Once done, it will generate revenue and become self-sustaining. That revenue will help us improve and grow our thriving lineage mission as well. Every contribution towards the Meetinghouse contributes to the legacy we leave future Mayflower generations.

What an amazing accomplishment together we are achieving. What a tribute to our Mayflower Pilgrim ancestors. That one small candle will soon become an eternal flame.

Lea Sinclair Filson, FGG
President of the National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse Charitable Trust


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