The Final Resting Place of Mayflower Passenger Mary Chilton

The King’s Chapel Burying Ground in Boston is the final resting place of the Mayflower passenger who, legend has it, was the first woman to step ashore at Plymouth Rock.220px Mary Chilton Winslow on Plymouth Rock MA from Mayflower

Mary Chilton was born in 1607 in Sandwich, Kent, England, and was the daughter of James Chilton and his wife (whose name has not been discovered).

In 1620, at the age of 13, Mary came with her parents on the Mayflower and is known for being the first European female to step ashore at Plymouth Rock. She was one of the nine minor girls who were present at the time of the famous First Thanksgiving in 1621. In contrast, out of the 14 adult women who came over on the Mayflower, only four survived that first year.

Mary received a division of land in 1623 and married John Winslow of the Fortune, brother of Pilgrim Edward Winslow, around 1626. They had 10 children and moved to Boston in 1653, where John Winslow prospered as a merchant. Mary Chilton Winslow died before May 1, 1679 in Boston, and is buried in the Winslow Family Tomb in King’s Chapel Burying Ground. 

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Founded in 1630 at the time of the settlement of Boston, King's Chapel is Boston Proper's oldest burying place. Aside from the Winslow family, notable burials include: Massachusetts' first governor, John Winthrop; William Dawes, Paul Revere's compatriot on his ride to Lexington in 1775; and the Reverend John Cotton, a powerful religious leader in 17th century Boston.

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