Family Society Friday: Welcoming the Governor William Bradford Compact!

Happy Family Society Friday! We are excited to reintroduce this feature to our blog, and to welcome our newest Family Society to the GSMD fold: the Governor William Bradford Compact (GWBC).


The GWBC is getting organized and moving forward after the passing of its President and Historian, Dr. John Pogue, last summer. He was extremely dedicated and committed to growing this Family Society. The GWBC's annual meeting will convene on August 10, 2019 at the Major John Bradford House in Kingston, MA (Maj. John Bradford was Gov. Bradford's grandson).

The GWBC is also launching a new website soon. Interested in becoming a member or friend of the Compact? Email

We look forward to partnering with the GWBC and continuing to highlight our other wonderful, GSMD-endorsed Family Societies!

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Family Societies are organizations run by Mayflower descendants focusing on a particular Pilgrim family and their lineage, from the Alden Kindred of America to the Winslow Heritage Society. In addition to joining GSMD, many descendants choose to get involved with one or more Family Societies. If you’re a GSMD member who does not have a Family Society, be sure to check out the list of organizations we partner with and reach out to the Society that represents your Pilgrim ancestor!

Featured photo: the iconic statue of Gov. Bradford in front of Cole’s Hill in Plymouth, MA.  

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