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Job Opportunities with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants provides education and understanding of why the Pilgrims were important, how they shaped western civilization, and what their 1620 voyage means today.  As the preeminent authority on the legacy of the Pilgrims, GSMD plays a crucial role when it comes to increasing public awareness of the importance of the Pilgrims' lives and legacies, as well as maintaining the highest standards possible for genealogy research into the lineage of the Pilgrims.

Along with our 12 Executive Committee members, the officers of our 53 Member Societies, and many dedicated volunteers that fill a myriad of roles, GSMD’s mission is supported by a growing staff at our national headquarters in Plymouth, MA.

Open job positions:

Genealogist: Lineage Verification

Job/Position Title: 
Genealogist: Lineage Verification

Effective Date:
June 4, 2019

Reports to:
Director of Genealogy and Research Services

Weekly Hours:

Position Overview:

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) has a part-time opening in the Department of Genealogy and Research Services at its Plymouth headquarters. This position will work as part of a team to process membership applications, by evaluating lineage information and documentation for completeness, validity, and correctness.  Experience in professional genealogical research and methods is key to this role.

Required Qualifications & Skills: 

  • Two or more years' professional experience in genealogical research.
  • Demonstrates proven experience resolving conflicting evidence and same name problems.
  • Experience working with original and compiled sources, both original hard copy and digital documents, as well as knowledge of advanced internet search techniques, including wildcard usage.
  • Demonstrates strong writing skills; able to clearly explain complex research problems and provide recommendations for further research.
  • Demonstrates advanced proficiency in word processing (Microsoft Word & Adobe PDF) software, and on- and off-line database and lineage software.
  • Attention to detail; experience in proofing and editing, as well as excellent time management and organizational skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Genealogy accreditation or degree in related field.
  • Neat printing.
  • Experience with lineage society applications a plus.

To apply, please send your letter of interest and resume to  

Download this job description as a PDF.

Member Services Manager

Job/Position Title:
Member Services Manager

Effective Date:
June 4, 2019

Reports to:
Executive Director

Weekly Hours:

Position Overview:

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (“GSMD”) currently has 30,000+ members who join our organization through 53 member societies, worldwide. The Mayflower Society’s Membership Services Manager is responsible for ensuring that our Member Societies receive excellent support services for their members from GSMD, with the goal of helping them acquire new members while retaining existing members through a positive member experience. The Membership Services Manager is responsible for the development and management of GSMD’s relationship with his/her counterparts in each of these organizations. As a key GSMD ambassador, the Member Services Manager must provide excellent customer service for the Society’s membership services including; periodic membership reporting and updates; leveraging technology to assist in streamlining operations flows and communications between GSMD and the member societies; proactively identifying and sharing “best practices”; highlighting membership success stories in GSMD publications; assisting in promotional events and member events throughout the year; providing private member tours of the Mayflower Society House property; and recommending and developing new member programs and services. The Membership Services Manager also serves as liaison to Pilgrim Family Societies Partners to further promote the benefits of membership and provide enhanced enrichment to the member experience.                                 

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Functions):

  • As a value-added partner, serve as relationship liaison between GSMD and its 53 member societies;
  • Ensure high quality membership records management and excellent member services for existing members;
  • Provide periodic membership reporting, reconciliations and information to Member Societies using knowledge of membership software databases, Excel and a variety of other systems. Proactively seek ways to streamline processing and communications to create efficiencies;
  • Work with the member societies to create and implement a comprehensive annual membership campaign;
  • Analyze membership data for reporting and evaluation purposes; quantify and assess program results and recommend improvements;
  • As GSMD’s representative, respond to inquiries from Board members, Committee Members, Society members and prospective members;
  • Working with the Secretary General and the Director of Finance, support the Annual Assessments of member societies;
  • Manage new member and new Historian permissioning on the website;
  • Welcome and assist prospective new members by identifying and connecting them to resources to help them with their application preparation process;
  • Assist in the preparation and management of the membership department budget;
  • Working with the Marketing & Communications Manager, lead member communication by regularly developing content for membership recognition and information in publications including: the GSMD Annual Report, Mayflower Quarterly Magazine, The Pilgrim Press, membership brochures, the website and other collateral as needed;
  • Meet periodically with Executive Director and Members-at-Large to share member society success stories, special experiences and best practices;
  • Manage Private Member Tours of the Mayflower Society House property;
  • Assist with the planning and support of member events, such as: GBOA, Congress and the Heritage Week Breakfast;
  • Serve as manager of and liaison to the Pilgrim Family Societies Partners to assist them in providing enhanced enrichment to the member experience; assist in the promotion of the Pilgrim Family Societies Partner Program to non-partner family societies;
  • Assist in the formation of new member societies;
  • Working with the Executive Director, recommend and develop new member programs and services;
  • And other duties as needed or required.

Qualifications & Skills:

REQUIRED: College graduate with 3-5 years’ relevant experience in client-facing member services role in which technology has been used to enhance the customer service experience. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written. Outgoing, positive, friendly, professional attitude. Must be self-motivated and confident working independently, as well as eager to be a collaborative team player. Tech savvy, with proven experience in leveraging technology to create operational efficiencies. Highly organized; ability to multi-task, and detail oriented. Ability to attend occasional evening and weekend events; limited travel may be required.

PREFERRED: Experience using IMIS membership management database a plus. Knowledge of other lineage societies’ practices, as well as knowledge of the Mayflower Passengers and the Pilgrim Legacy is beneficial.  

To apply, please send your letter of interest and resume to by June 17, 2019.  

Download this job description as a PDF.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities for GSMD’s Research Library or the Mayflower Society House, please email

About The Mayflower Society

Founded in 1897, The Mayflower Society, or General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with national headquarters in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Membership requires proof of lineage from one of the passengers who travelled to America on the Mayflower in 1620. Its mission includes education about the Mayflower Pilgrims and maintaining the gold standard of lineage review through its research and publications. The Society publishes the Mayflower Families Silver Books, Mayflower Quarterly Magazine, and other Pilgrim related materials. It operates a genealogical research library at its Plymouth headquarters and offers tours of the historic Mayflower Society House and the National Pilgrim Memorial Meetinghouse.






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