Seal 2
Seal 3

Own your very own Mayflower wax sealer.

  • Fine pewter
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in box with velvet pouch
  • Instructions included

History of the Sealing Wax:

In early America, there were several types of seals, such as the royal, signet, civil, ecclesiastical and private. A very common sealing wax was made of beeswax, produced by worker bees to form the cells of the honeycomb. It worked well enough; however, it had a tendency to become brittle and did not maintain a sharp seal image. After adding colophony to the beeswax with little results, tallow and paraffin were then used as a substitute for beeswax with good results. Isinglass, shellac, and vermillion were also used. 

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