John Billington, Vol. 21 Part 2


John Billington, Volume 21, Part 2  - (2017)

Several years ago, the Executive Committee approved, followed by the Board of Assistants and Congress’ ratification, the ability of the Silver Books Project to move to the sixth generation of ancestors, naming the seventh. 

Our first sixth generation is here! 

John Billington, Volume Twenty-One, Part 2, compiled by John B. Arthaud, FASG, and reviewed by Jane Fletcher Fiske, FASG, has been published with 638 pages.  The book covers the Billington surname in Rhode Island, and revises earlier lines in the first publication of the Warren and Fuller descendants, but there are no rejections.  Kingsley descendants are numerically the most prevalent.  The Hix/Hicks and Sabin lines were expanded. 

There are 66 families in common with Eaton, with 52 also Samuel Fuller lines. 

Part 3, the continuation of the sixth generation, will include the Billington surname in Maine. 

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