GSMD Insignia & Grave Markers

GSMD General Membership Number required with purchase. 
Please do not list your regional Member Society number. 

The 'Insignia & Etiquette Guidelines' document is available for download 
from the main SHOP page. Click on 'SHOP' in the pink banner above.

For orders to be shipped to Canada and all destinations outside the continental
U.S. or if you have questions concerning items in
Insignia & Grave Markers 
please contact:

Jane Schleinzer, Insignia Committee Chair
(630) 380-2089 phone

Engraving: Front and Back of Medal - Forty Five Cents per Character 
Maximum of sixteen characters including spaces across, three lines maximum.
Member, Officer and GSMD Medals - 1\" Diameter; Mayflower Ship Pin, Mayflower Ship Charm and Miniature Medal - ¾\" Diameter.

Engraving: Title bars - Twenty eight characters maximum. 

 Please allow at least 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. 

Why is the ribbon for GSMD insignia pink and white?

The Epigaea repens, known as the Mayflower, ground laurel or trailing arbutus, has a flower with five petals that is pink or white in color.              

It is sometimes referred to as Plymouth Mayflower and is said to be the first flower to cheer the hearts of the Pilgrims after the rigors of their first New England winter. 
In 1918, it became the Massachusetts state flower. 

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