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The curved Member Society/Colony Office Title Bar pins onto the ribbon on the Member Society/Colony Officer Medal.

These office title bars should be worn only on the Member Society/Colony Officer Medal.

Eligibility: Member Society and Colony Officers.

Insignia Protocol: Worn at society functions only.

For Colony offices held, purchase a title bar with the name of your colony. Colony office title bars are to be placed beneath the bar displaying the name of the colony.

Office title bars for Member Society offices held are to be placed on the ribbon above Colony office title bars. 

~~~  Mayflower Pilgrim Meetinghouse Fund Donations ~~~

If you made a donation to the Mayflower Pilgrim Meetinghouse Fund, you are eligible to purchase this bar to wear on the ribbon of your Member Society/Colony Officer Medal or National GSMD Officer medal. Enter 'Mayflower Meetinghouse' in the box above for office name.                             

The Meetinghouse bar may not be worn on the Member Medal ribbon with Ancestor bars.

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