Coming to America Educational Package

SKU: 5910-E010

“Coming to America” is the title of an oversize packet of information geared to Fifth Grade Social Studies programs. It is full of study prints that illustrate the voyage to the New World and how the Pilgrims lived during their first years at Plymouth Colony.

Twelve study sheets include information on the Mayflower and her passengers. Individual sheets discuss the Pilgrims’ provisions, their supplies, foods, interaction with the Indians, clothes and other facts. They have useful graphics and are easy to use.

A second slightly larger set of pages with color photographs have background information and prepared lessons on the back. These make presenting the story of the Mayflower easy, interesting and visually stimulating. They are perfect for holding up to a class so everyone can see. These six heavy sheets cover The Voyage, New Plymouth, The Harvest Festival, Preserving Foods, Farming Practices, and Children of New Plymouth.

This handsome package of information is enclosed in a Large glossary folder with a helpful glossary on the back.