Children on the Mayflower


There were a number of children among the passengers of the Mayflower. This was of great importance to the survival of Plymouth Colony. Many of the children had become accustomed to hard labor since they needed to work in Leiden to help support their families. As with many immigrant families in 17th century Holland, the Pilgrim fathers were generally hired for the lowest paying occupations.

When the struggling group of colonists faced the cruelties of the first New England winter with its illnesses and deaths, it was the children who many times stepped in to assist the adults. Undoubtedly, brave young souls were kept busy tending the sick, fetching firewood and water, helping to prepare food and doing whatever was necessary.

There were fewer deaths among the children that first cruel winter, which ultimately increased the chances of survival for the struggling colony.

Children on the Mayflower who left descendants with approximate ages: 

  • Bartholomew Allerton (7)
  • Mary Allerton (3)
  • Remember Allerton (5)
  • Francis Billington (14)
  • Love Brewster (13)
  • Mary Chilton (13)
  • John Cooke (13)
  • Samuel Eaton (1)
  • Samuel Fuller (12) son of Edward Fuller
  • Constance Hopkins (14)
  • Giles Hopkins (12)
  • Richard More (6)
  • Priscilla Mullins (17)
  • Joseph Rogers (17)
  • Elizabeth Tilley (13)
  • Peregrine White (born aboard)
  • Resolved White (5)
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