Pilgrim Family Societies

Family Societies are organizations run by Mayflower descendants with a focus on a particular Pilgrim family and their lineage. Many descendants become involved with one or more Family Societies in addition to being a member of GSMD. As a member of GSMD, you can easily join one of the Family Societies we partner with and endorse.

GSMD endorses the following Family Societies:

ALDENAlden Kindred of America
For more information, email Desiree Mobed at dmobed@alden.org

ALLERTON- Pilgrim Isaac Allerton Society
For more information, email Lisa Pennington at lisapennington28@gmail.com

BILLINGTONBillington Family Society
For more information, email Marsha Berland at berland47@3rivers.net

BREWSTER -The Elder William Brewster Society
For more information, email Gregory Evan Thompson at gthomp5749@aol.com

Pilgrim Peter Brown Society
For more information, email Sandra Sauers at ssauersppbs@gmail.com

DOTY - The Pilgrim Edward Doty Society
For more information, email Donna Masaniai at dotysociety@gmail.com

EATON - Eaton Families Association
For more information, email Doug MacMillan at dougiemac@comcast.net

FULLERThe Fuller Society
For more information, email Deb Yingst at FullerSociety@aol.com

HOPKINS - Pilgrim Hopkins Heritage Society
For more information, email Ken Whittemore at historian@pilgrimhopkins.com

HOWLAND - The Pilgrim John Howland Society
For more information, email Jean Albert at sjalbert03@gmail.com

ROGERS - Thomas Rogers Society
For more information, email Tracy Crocker at genealogist@tracycrocker.com

SAMSON Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred
For more information, email Scott Samson at scottsbsi@myfairpoint.net

SOULE - Soule Kindred in America
For more information, email Jeanette Taylor at jeanettetaylor092@gmail.com

STANDISH Society of Myles Standish Descendants, Inc.
For more information, email Denise M. Ferraro at vice.president@mylesstandishsociety.org

WARREN Warren Cousins
For more information, email Deborah Shea at dshea57@mac.com

WHITE The Pilgrim William White Society
For more information, email Prarie Counce at prariec@me.com

WINSLOW Winslow Heritage Society
For more information, email Kathy Myers at jkmyers2@verizon.net

Family Society Partnership

 For an annual donation of $250 to GSMD, a Family Society will receive GSMD marketing, discounts, and other opportunities including the following:

  • GSMD will make the Family Society a part of its public relations and marketing efforts
  • Display a link on GSMD’s website to each Family Society's website
  • Designate a meeting time during the GSMD meeting schedule at Congress
  • Communicate and market news of Family Societies in GSMD Quarterly
  • GSMD will make available information to new members about Family Society membership
  • Family Societies will receive flyers for GSMD membership to include in their new member packets
  • Of $250 annual donation, $100 will go to the GSMD Silver Books Project
  • A GSMD endorsement symbol will be given to Family Society to display on their website and promotional materials
  • Acceptance of your DNA tested members into the official GSMD Mayflower Society FTDNA Project (DNA kits must be 37 markers or higher and must match a Mayflower ancestor)

    If your family society is interested in joining, please contact Membership Services Manager, Georgi Hess at membership@themayflowersociety.org or 508.746.3188.

Sample of endorsement:

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